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Apple Cinnamon Wooden Bowl Candle
Ohio Wick House

Apple Cinnamon Wooden Bowl Candle

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Feel the warmth and comfort of fall with the sweet scent of apple married with cinnamon, subtle scents of vanilla and almond add some sweetness. Its smells like a delicious apple pie baking in the oven

3 Wick Wax Safe Wooden Bowl
All natural fragrance oil
All natural soy wax
100% cotton non-toxic wick
50 hour burn life
Hand Poured

*each wooden bowl is unique you will not receive the one in the photo.


  • Do not burn candles in a draft.  It is unsafe and can also cause the candles to burn unevenly.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • It is recommended that you don't burn a candle made with this bowl to the bottom where the flame could come in close contact with the wood. 
  • Ohio Wick House is NOT responsible for any mishaps caused.  These warnings are not all inclusive and you should understand  that you are burning candles at your own risk.